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summer | main event
running from the 1st to the 30th of july 2023

b12 summer main event



los little guys

Short Duet For A Lonely Gentlemen


these are 360 degree sittings / arena type performances, created by b12 teachers and choreographers. 5 euro eintritt - nur an der abendkasse. 5 euro entrance fee - only at the door. this performance will be presented in a split bill together with "baye & asa".


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not barrier-free


Erik Elizondo is originally from Monterrey, Mexico. He graduated from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria in 2017, majoring in contemporary dance performance. Erik began his dance career as a dancer in the company Teoría de Gravedad, directed by Aurora Buensuceso and Ruby Gámez. Later, he became part of Inside the Body Performing Arts under the direction of Aladino R. Blanca. Erik's professional experiences include collaborations with Gavin Webber and Grayson Millwood, Beto Pérez, Cinthya Dueñas, Francisco Córdova, Raúl Martinez, João Cidade, Marion Sparber, Michikazu Matsune, Barnaby Booth and Milla Koistinen. As part of his performance training, Erik participated in a residency with the physical theatre company KiM Kosmos in Movement under the direction of Elías Cohen in Olmué, Chile in 2013 and was also part of the intensive performance program Smash#4 in Berlin, Germany in 2014. At the end of 2017, together with Dimitri Kalaitzidis, he founded Los Little Guys, with whom he performed creations, residencies, courses and workshops in Germany, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, India, Malaysia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Iceland.


Short Duet For A Lonely Gentlemen

This work is a fast paced and incredibly detailed snapshot of an endlessly repeating story. Trapped in cycles of aggression and loneliness, two men reshuffle and rationalize their hopelessness, lust and pride into anger over and over again. Underneath layers of clothing, they are aware of how naked they feel.


Short Duet For A Lonely Gentlemen is a project in collaboration with the choreographer Barnaby Booth and Los Little Guys.


Created in 2018/2019 with support from Creative Arts and Co. France, Spin Arts Management, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, TRAK Dance Ensemble, and School for Contemporary Dance and Thought.




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